Optimize your business from the inside out

If you want to scale your business in a sustainable way, you have to optimize your internal systems first. Our proven process for kickstarting, streamlining, and monitoring your business system will give you the necessary groundwork for growth and freedom.

As an entrepreneur, you’re a problem solver.
But how do you know what to fix next?

Do you find yourself…
Entrepreneurs are pulled in a hundred different directions every day. With a never-ending task list, how do you focus on fixing the right problems at the right time?

Don’t work harder. Work smarter!

Here’s the truth: you don’t pave the way to success simply by working more hours.

You’re not failing to scale up because you don’t work hard enough or you don’t want it badly enough. Your business can’t reach the next level because it’s not designed with growth in mind.

You need a business system that helps you identify both opportunities and bottlenecks, so you can focus on growth while fixing what is holding you back.

Our Optimization process analyzes your business structure, defining your critical business flow and mapping your core systems and processes around it. This turns your attention to the most important parts of running your business. No more distractions from side hustles, shiny objects, and jumping from fire to fire!

If you’re struggling to scale up, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Optimization process begins with an 8-14 week kickstart program. With the help of one of our business system experts, you’ll run through an in-depth analysis of your business’s structure. Together we’ll define the core functions of your business, so you can redirect your focus to the things that matter most.

During our kickstart program, you will:

After this initial program, systemizing your business will be second nature to you and your team. You’ll gain the foundation you need to continue optimizing your business in the long term. The next step is to further document and optimize other processes and incorporate them into the system. This sets you up to generate consistent outcomes and better track the status of your business.

Know where you are, so you know where you’re going

Why is auditing and optimizing your business system so important? You have to know where you are to know where you’re going.

By defining your QBR and Big Promise, you’ll understand which functions in your business are truly essential and which are just distractions. Then you can clearly focus on what matters – and that means you’ll finally be able to scale your business.

Together we will document your system as it already exists so we can make a plan for what it will be tomorrow.

Streamline your processes

After we define your business’s most critical function, we move on to streamlining your internal processes to better support it.

By perfecting your processes, you will:

Take your business from chaos to structure

Create transferability within your team

Consistently produce higher quality outcomes

Establish a foundation for outsourcing and automating work

It’s impossible to scale your business if you don’t find – and fix – your weakest links. Otherwise, you’re just scaling up the problems you already have. By establishing and streamlining key processes, you can ensure that your business’s progress continues.

Establish your lead and lag metrics

Creating a personalized metrics dashboard for your business system gives you the opportunity to track your critical business flow and your business’s overall performance. It will give you insight on what levers to pull and what buttons to push to control growth.

By monitoring your metrics, you’ll gain the crucial insight to focus your attention on what matters most for your business. Through lead and lag tracking, you can identify weak spots in your system and fix potential bottlenecks before they cause major problems.

And when your systems and processes become easy to monitor, you can quickly and easily test different growth strategies and see how they impact your system. You’ll know what works and what doesn’t, because you’ll have the data to prove it.

Optimized systems. Optimized results.

When you optimize your systems, you optimize your team, your time, and your potential for growth.

With a truly systematized and optimized business, you can enjoy:

  • More free time, as your streamlined systems make tasks more efficient.
  • Higher quality output, as your processes yield consistent results.
  • A more reliable team, as each person fulfills their most essential role and knows what and how to do things.
  • A higher value business, which you can continue to grow or sell with ease.
  • The ability to grow your company, now that you’ve regained your focus and control.

When you optimize your systems, you take back control of your business so you have the freedom to focus on your long-term goals.

More than just business coaching

We know plenty of awesome business coaches and accelerator programs. They’re a great start for business owners looking to scale up, but they also come with a major drawback: they’re just coaching you.

They only tell you what to do. You have to figure out how to actually do the work by yourself.

That’s why Work Ninjas is different: we’re the WHO and the HOW for your business. We use our expertise to help you actually implement the systems you need to see your business thrive. Then we take things a step further by helping you automate your processes. We’ll even get the work done for you if you don’t have a team yourself.

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we don’t tell you what growth should mean for your business. Instead, we help you get wherever you want to go.

Systems optimized? Let’s turbo charge.

Once your systems are optimized, hit the accelerator with our next step, Automation.