Successful business owners don’t do it all alone.

When entrepreneurs find themselves with more jobs to do than hands to help do them, they often turn to hiring virtual assistants (VAs) to pick up the slack.


But hiring VAs or building a team without a solid foundation can be like taking one step forward and two steps back. Delegating tasks becomes confusing and time consuming, and the quality of the work overall suffers.

Make our team, your team.

We’ve seen it happen over and over again: when you work with multiple VAs, you still need a central person to lead communication and handle the decision making. And usually, the entrepreneur themself ends up taking on the task… which means instead of getting work off your plate, you end up giving yourself even more to do. If every member of your team doesn’t know how to support your business’s vision and goals, you’ll never be able to scale up in a sustainable way.


That’s why we founded Work Ninjas. With our team of experts and our proven 3-step process, we’ll get your business back on track. Together, we can (re)discover what your business is all about, then optimize and automate your processes to get it running like a well-oiled machine. Whether you need us to be your team or train your team, we’ll provide the support and expertise you need to unlock your freedom: the freedom to step back, sell, or scale up your business. 

Meet the Founders


Arnoud Post


Arnoud is an entrepreneur with a passion for technology and business processes. Before starting his first company about 25 years ago, he was involved in computers, networks, and information security (ISO27001) at various banks and corporations. He has built and run several businesses since. Arnoud wants to inspire entrepreneurs to get the best out of themselves and their company by optimizing and automating their business processes.


Mirjam Koek


Mirjam is a real efficiency ninja. She has experience working in the banking world and in insurance, and held senior positions in court and within a public prosecutor’s office. With her analytical thinking and a great eagerness to learn, Mirjam always finds efficient solutions to simply solve the most difficult problems. She also has a gift for inspiring and enthusing others.

Meet the Work Ninjas


Estelle Valkenburg

VA, Marketing & Design

Aileen The

Courtney Waid

Courtney Waid

Joanna Strange

Joanna Strange

Business System Coach

Demelza Teunissen


The Work Ninjas Promise

Work Ninjas exists to make your business run smoothly. We’re committed to providing expert support in a down-to-earth way.  That’s why at Work Ninjas…

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