Execute your growth plan and find your freedom

No great entrepreneur does everything on their own. Our expert Business Team will smoothly transition your business to the next step in executing your long-term vision, giving you the freedom to scale up or step back.

Are your goals in focus, but just out of reach?

With optimized systems and automated processes, your ultimate goals are almost within your grasp — but you’re not quite there yet.

You can’t scale your business when you’re the only one actively working towards that goal. You need a team that works with you by leveraging your optimised systems and processes — not against you by doing it their way. Flying solo never makes a great business.

Expert support. Maximum potential.

What if you didn’t have to champion your business’s growth all alone?

What if, instead, you had a team that could…

In other words, you’d have a team that truly maximizes your business’s potential. What could you achieve with that level of expert support?

Choose the support you need to execute your plan

Leverage the Work Ninjas team

Ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses

If you have too much work and not enough hands to get it done, let our team execute your business system instead. We have experts in most core competencies, from general VA’s to marketing and automation specialists.

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Train your existing team

Ideal for small to midsize businesses

Ready to take your team to the next level? The experts at Work Ninjas will train your existing team to leverage your optimized business system, keeping things up-to-date and running efficiently so your business is always moving forward.

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Execute your growth plan with our Virtual Business Team

Whether your team isn’t big enough to support your growing business, or your team members don’t have expertise in all the right fields, our Business Team is ready to step in and provide the support you need. Leverage our process-minded general VA’s for day-to-day work, or tap our passionate experts in Automation, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, and Content for your high-level project needs.

Every member of the Work Ninjas team is trained to work within an optimized business system and promote continued growth. When our team is your team, you can…

  • Quickly identify new opportunities to optimize processes and automate workflows throughout your business.
  • Focus on creating sustainable growth for your business.

Teach your team to run optimized

Running a growth optimized business requires a team with a sustainable growth mindset. A team that knows how to leverage the tools of optimization and automation so that every aspect of your business works towards your ultimate goals.

We can teach your existing employees how to effectively execute your growth plan and make the best use of the optimized business systems. They will learn how to best improve processes and workflows and identify new opportunities to automate. You’ll stop shouldering the burden of scaling your business alone and fast track your success with the support of your team.

Free to grow your way

Our Business Team knows task fulfilment alone won’t get your business to the next level. We use proven methods to align people, processes, data, and technology, so every aspect of your business works towards your ultimate goal. We’re not just business experts. We’re growth experts.

With the right team behind you, you’ll have the freedom to grow your own way. Whether you want to scale up your business, step back from daily operations, or sell your company for a profit, we can give you that freedom. Then you decide what to do with it.

Work Ninjas works with a retainer model in combination with a monthly subscription. Credits purchased in advance are booked against the work done.

The monthly credit (subscription) is always added on the first of the month and paid by direct debit or credit card. The amount of the subscription depends on the amount of recurring work.

During the month extra credit can be purchased for extra work. 

  • Time is tracked exactly per minute;
  • If the budget is (almost) reached, we request that you buy additional credits in time so that the work does not have to be paused unnecessarily;
  • Timetracking and available credits are viewable via our project portal.

We use an online project portal for project collaboration (ClickUp). Clients will automatically get access.

If you have your own project/task management tool we can also work from there. Our team has experience with a wide range of project/task management tools such as Asana, Clickup, Trello and Notion.

Our hourly rates are:

  • Generalist VA € 60,-
  • Expert VA € 90,-
  • Automation Expert € 100,-


The difference between the generalist VA and the Expert VA is the expertise. The generalist VA can perform all general tasks such as email and calendar management, paying and entering invoices, research for various matters, various tasks described in procedures and more. The Expert VA has specific expertise, such as marketing, design, etc. For example, building a new landing page is done by an expert, but following up on the responses can be done by a generalist after describing a procedure.

What makes Work Ninjas so effective and successful is that our customers have a full team with different expertise at their disposal. Just like you, our Ninjas focus on what they are good at. When you post a task, our best Ninja available for that particular task will get to work on it. If someone has already worked for you satisfactorily for a particular expertise, the same person will be assigned as much as possible.

We try to have the same people work on your tasks as much as possible so that you really have your own team at your disposal.

Work Ninjas is an online only service. Our Ninjas regularly schedule an online call with you to discuss and coordinate the tasks. Despite the distance, you still look each other in the eye, which is nice every now and then.