Boost productivity and profits with automatic workflows

For a business to scale and grow you not only need to remove bottlenecks and optimize business processes, but also automate those processes to run at peak efficiency.

Regain focus on growing your business by automating common – and time consuming – processes. You’ll accomplish more with less time and fewer people.

Business automation

Automate to accelerate

Connect systems, information, and people

Streamline your day-to-day operations

Reduce time spent on manual tasks

Improve operational efficiency and productivity

Building automated workflows ensures the right information is routed to the right systems and people at the right time. It reduces the likelihood of human errors, optimizes productivity, cuts down the time needed for tasks, and increases your business’s overall speed and profitability.

Improve every process in your business

You can automate anything in your business, from a simple workflow that copies information for a Zoom call to your calendar, to complex workflows to automate your e-Commerce processes. Here are just a few ways Automation can improve your business.

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Create effective sales funnels and smooth webinar processes, monitor social networks, and increase your campaign results with automatic marketing workflows. You’ll never forget to follow up on those important leads again.


Whether it’s a new customer or a new team member, onboarding always means repetitive work. You can automate many of these tasks, such as setting up accounts, providing access to learning environments, scheduling your first call, creating notes, and more. You’ll eliminate mistakes and never miss a step during the process.

webwinkelier uitbesteden


Automate your e-Commerce to create a seamless experience for your customers. Deliver products consistently without delay and build trust in your brand.

interessante boeken processen

Moving data

A business's biggest productivity killer is manual data entry. Automatically transfer data between cloud systems like Airtable or Google Sheets, or copy data between your CRM and email marketing system. Your data will stay error-free and up-to-date.

Contact us now to see how your workflows can be automated.

Build trust automatically

Automation doesn’t just make your workflows more efficient. It helps build trust between your business, your team, and your customers.

Automation makes your team members feel supported by your internal processes, reinforcing their faith in your business system. It enables better, faster, more accurate operations, which maximizes team productivity.

And when your team is working at its most efficient and error-free, your customers notice – and they invest in your product or service.

Automatic workflows, automatic results

The Automation process is key to taking back your time and directing the future of your business. Our clients have saved up to 200 hours a month just by automating their most fundamental processes. It’s an essential step to running the most efficient business possible. If you’re not going to automate, you’re going to fall behind.

We go beyond efficiency

Zapier Certifed Expert badge

We’ve spent years perfecting the processes of businesses just like yours, and we have created thousands of Automations to support them. On average we save clients 50 – 200 hours a month.

As a Zapier Certified Expert and Integromat Expert + Partner, you can trust us to get your business processes streamlined and automated.

With our business optimization experience, our expertise and service goes beyond automating with Zapier and Integromat too. We look for optimization and growth opportunities within your whole workflow and business process.

Why business owners choose us

Karl T.
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Arnoud showed me just how powerful Zapier can be to solve business bottlenecks with automation. He focuses on the bigger picture not just specific tasks, and creates some very complex integrations with a variety of software with ease.
Wietske S.
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We are very pleased with the support and work done by Workninjas. We were looking for a partner to improve our existing Zaps, set up new ones and solve errors. Keeping the automated workflows fully operational is crucial for our business. It's great to be able to leave it up to these experts, it saves us a lot of valuable time...
Agnes V.
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The Work Ninjas are true automation experts, in my experience they are both tech and business savvy. They have helped me by asking the right questions, understanding the problem/challenge and providing me with a solution I didn't think of in the first place. By using Zapier and the help and expertise of the Ninjas, my automations are on point and I can focus on my core business again 🙌
Christian K.
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... I contacted the Work Ninja's on a Sunday and booked a telephone call for the next day 16:30. Arnoud called me the next afternoon by telephone on the agreed time. A friendly call wherein Arnoud asked some specific and precise questions to better understand my problems and needs. Within a matter of days - and even before we made any contractual agreement - he came back to me as he thought of a better alternative solution to my original idea, and presented it. That's the spirit ...
Danielle W.
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I’m very happy about working working with Aileen from Workninjas. We make agreements about the end goal, how she does it in detail is not important to me. I’m always happy with the end results!
Christine B.
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I had some trouble with connecting new customers to my email marketing software. The test data wasn't working, so I got stuck and got errors. Jorien quickly helped me to fix this problem which was very important to me just before my launch!

Project delivery is something we take extra care for. Some examples of things we do are:

  • Monitoring of the first live automation processing
  • Use clear naming conventions
  • Deliver short project documentation
  • Create an overview of all new accounts, passwords and API-keys created during the project
  • A walkthrough video to outline the automations


We use an online project portal for project collaboration (ClickUp). Clients will automatically get access. However it is not mandatory. Collaboration through e-mail for example is also possible.

In this short video we show you how this works and what it offers for you as a client. 

Software, API’s and platforms change regularly. When implementing or modifying extensive automations, it is important to carry out regular checks and fine-tune where necessary. It is therefore good to know that our activities often continue beyond the moment of delivery or activation of the automations. Our automation experts determine the best and safest way to proceed for each individual situation.

If you don’t want to worry about your Zapier and Integromat automations, we also offer a monthly subscription where we check the Automations once or twice a month, make small adjustments and keep an eye on whether the Zapier / Integromat subscription is still suitable for your situation.


No. Work Ninjas works with a retainer model with an hourly tariff.

Our hourly rate for Automation projects is € 100, – rounded to minutes.

  • Time is tracked per minute;
  • If the budget is (almost) reached, we request that you buy additional credits in time so that the work does not have to be paused unnecessarily;
  • Afterwards, remaining credits can be refunded, but also used for maintenance and support;
  • Timetracking and available credits are viewable in our project portal;
  • Any extra requests or changes to the project such as adding steps to the workflow can be dealt with immediately on request. This is why we do not work with fixed pricing.

Processes automated? Leverage our Virtual Business Team to grow your business.

With your systems optimized and your processes automated, your path for growth is clear. Execute it now with our team’s help.

Work Ninjas Team