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We do our best every day to create an appreciative and collaborative work environment where every team member can find space, fulfillment and appreciation.

How do you recognize a real Work Ninja?

Job of the future

We work 100% remotely, i.e. from home – trust and personal responsibility are our basis.

With us, you won’t find any rigid hierarchies or entrenched structures.

But a lot of this:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Freedom and self-determination
  • Fun and team spirit
  • GIFs and Memes

What our application process looks like

We don't like stiff cover letters. That's why we ask you to fill in the form and to record a video. That gives us a good idea of how you present yourself and what your strengths are. Make sure you stay yourself and don't approach it like the well-known job interview, we mainly look at what you have to say and how you tell it, not how you dress and whether you've been to the hairdresser.
First week
We place a strong emphasize on team culture. That’s why we screen your video and answers for our top 3 values. However, we know that skills are important as well. That’s why we may ask you for additional material to get an insight in your skill level, if you haven’t provided them already. Our overall strategy is: Hire for personality, teach for skills.
First week
Within 7 days
Skills test
We aim to give you an answer within 7 days. If you’re a good fit for the role, we will send you an invitation for a skills test. The skills test is adapted to the skills needed for the job and we like to regularly think of something new here. We will then evaluate your results, either in a quick chat or via mail.
Within 7 days
Within 7 days
Get to know
We aim to give you an answer within 7 days. If you’re a good fit for the role, a team member of Work Ninjas will reach out to you, to arrange a first video call. This call will take around 30 minutes and gives us and you the opportunity to get a first impression.
Within 7 days
Within 3 days
Final decision
We aim for a short and efficient application process. That’s also why we won’t let you wait for an answer for weeks and months. You will get a final decision from us shortly after the video call. Shortly meaning a few days.
Within 3 days
If our and your final decision match, we would love to welcome you on board of Work Ninjas. The last step is all about the details: We’ll make an offer to you including details about salary, working time, benefits, and other relevant compensation details. Hopefully, you'll accept the offer, and we can start working out a start date and onboarding/training plan.

Open Positions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your application will not be processed without a personal video, no exceptions. The video gives us a first impression of you and how you would fit into the team. It is not intended to replace the job interview, but rather see it as a replacement for your motivation letter.

Once we have received copy of the certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, VOG) and you have completed the internal training, you can get started immediately.

As a freelancer, you monthly send an invoice for the hours you have worked. We check the invoice with the registered hours in TMetric. If the invoice is correct, we will of course pay the invoice immediately. 

Definitely! Work Ninjas also has added value for the Ninjas. We really form a team. In addition to being able to spar with other Ninjas, we also collaborate regularly to achieve the best result for specific tasks. We also try to organize an event every year where everyone comes together and encourage Ninjas to occasionally work together on location.

Definitely. If you are taking on a task, the contact continues through you. If something is not clear, please contact us yourself.

With us, no week looks like the other and we are constantly developing. Of course, we also want to give you this opportunity. Maybe we see development potential in you or you find your own topics in which you would like to deepen your knowledge. We don’t want anyone to stand still, which is why we’re happy to open doors for you.

No, you don’t have to. We work with both freelancers and employees.

In order to quickly tackle our customers’ tasks, it is important for us to have some idea of who is available and when. We therefore ask you to indicate your availability for the next two weeks globally (global number of hours per day). Of course we understand that this estimate can change.

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