Unlock your growth potential with a truly optimized business

Make your business run like a well-oiled machine, so you can drive it to where you want to go.

Do you run your business, or does your business run you?

You’re working hard to make your business great, and you’re full of ideas about what your future will look like. But if all that hard work isn’t giving you the results you want, you’re not running your business. It’s running you.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder. You need to revamp your business from the inside out, building an infrastructure that optimizes your systems and automates your processes, paving the way for secure, efficient growth and a business you’re actually in charge of.

If you’re struggling to scale up, you’ve come to the right place.

Our clients are business owners with great ideas – but businesses can’t thrive on great ideas alone. If any of these statements sound familiar, you need to rebuild your business from the inside out:

  • You’re on your way to meeting your biggest goals, but can’t identify the next steps to reach them.
  • You’re so focused on dealing with the everyday you never think about the big picture, leaving your business without the direction of a real leader.
  • Your business is up and running, but others are achieving more success, faster, and you’re afraid of being left behind.
  • You spend too much time outsourcing work to other people, only to spend even more time fixing their mistakes.
  • It seems like no matter what you try, you can’t control your business enough to take it to the next level.


Think of your business like a racecar. Our expert pit crew will get it running better than ever, so you can drive it to where you want to go.

Our proven process for business growth

Our proven 3-step process will first identify the structural problems holding your business back from reaching its full potential. Then, our team will fix those problems for you, giving your business the freedom to run itself.

Step 1:

You’ve built your business. Now make it run better than ever.

Our Optimization process features an innovative dashboard with personalized metrics that show you exactly which parts of your business need the most attention. You’ll improve what you already have while creating brand-new systems to efficiently streamline your business.

Learn more about our Optimize Program

Step 2:

Once your systems and processes are optimized, let them run themselves.

Our Automation process uses advanced tools like Zapier and Integromat so you and your team can stop wasting valuable time and energy on repetitive tasks. Your systems can run in the background while you focus on the things that truly deserve your attention.

Learn more about our Automations services

Step 3:

Smoothly transition to your brand-new infrastructure during our Execution process.

You can choose to have us teach your existing employees the ropes of your new business system, or to leave it to our Virtual Business Team to handle the details. Either way, your business will complete its seamless journey into a new era of freedom and growth.

Learn more about our VA services

Join other Business Owners focussed on Creating Time, Reducing Errors and Scaling their Business

Danielle Wolzak
Danielle Wolzak
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As my business started to grow, I found myself ready to outsource work. I want to work fewer hours so that I can spend as much time as possible with my family. Aileen from WorkNinjas makes sure I can do that. We understand each other very well, problems are solved in no time. I tell her what end goal I want to achieve, and then I can let it go and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Very nice!
Arie N.
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We asked for some simple connections but they helped us by looking at the whole process. With all the extra advice and some adjustments save a lot of manual work and we have a lot less errors in our business processes.
Maartje Olislagers
Bubbles & Bikes
Read More
As a freelancer it's so nice to know and experience that you just have a whole team that will work for you if you need help. Especially when it comes to things that you don't want to do that cost you energy instead of yielding. Outsourcing at Workninjas is very nice.
Ellen Vandamme
Ellen Vandamme
Read More
Nice working together! They think along and collaborate on your processes to make sure everything runs smoothly 👌🏻 so that even someone else can take over the tasks immediately.

Unlock freedom for any kind of business

There is no one-size-fits-all business system template you can buy. We design and execute a unique solution for your company based on your business goals and the kind of freedom you want to achieve. Whether it’s the freedom to reinvest in your business to expand it, or the freedom to step back and let it run itself, we can get you there.


If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you’ve realized by now there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done on your own. It’s impossible for you to be an expert in everything, and you feel overwhelmed from trying.

Our expert team steps in to do the work for you, bringing a proven process to free up your time and let you focus on your next steps.

Business Owners

You’ve already got a team behind you, but you know there has to be a better, more efficient way for them to work together. You need to get the right people doing the right tasks, so you can get more done with less.

Our 3-step process rebuilds your existing infrastructure, filling in the gaps and creating a clear path to scaling your business.

What you can’t get anywhere else

Other people will tell you what your business needs to grow, but leave you on your own to figure out how to do it. Work Ninjas takes the next step by implementing those strategies to get you real results.

What does our approach get your business?

  • The brand-new, specially tailored systems your business needs to run smoothly.
  • A dashboard that shows how your core business systems are performing, so you know what to focus on next.
  • Automated processes that streamline your workflow and minimize manual labor for repetitive tasks.
  • Documented procedures to ensure your team consistently delivers the output you need to meet your growth goals.
  • An expert team that knows how to use their unique skills to drive the success of your business.

You can’t get all that from a business coach or by hiring just another VA!

Trust the process professionals

Just like checking things off your To Do list won’t grow your business, hiring individual experts alone won’t help you take things to the next level.

The only way to achieve real results is to align people, processes, and technology. And that’s exactly what the Work Ninjas team does. We help you gain focus, get more work done with less time and effort, and ultimately become the business you aspire to be.

Don’t take chances with your business. Trust Work Ninjas to take it to the next level.

Like business optimization programs? We do too.

There’s no shortage of entrepreneurial and accelerator programs out there. Maybe you’ve even tried a few, but you need help turning their advice into action. At Work Ninjas, we can:

  • Do the Work in Clockwork (Adrienne Dorrison & Mike Michalowicz)
  • Do the Fix in Fix this Next (Mike Michalowicz)
  • Improve the Profit in Profit First (Mike Michalowicz)
  • Be the Integrator supporting the Visionary (EOS – Entrepreneurial Operating System)
  • Be the Who and How to your What (Strategic Coach)
  • Be the Systemizers to your business (Systemology)
    And more!

While we feel connected to these systems, we don’t focus on one specific program, because we don’t believe there is one “right” way to run your business. Instead, we focus on creating a unique solution tailored to the goals and needs of your business.

You can learn more about our expert background in programs and processes here.